Mobile Roaming Charges Ceased in the EU

Roaming charges for member countries of the EU have finally been scrapped. 

Under a new law, EU citizens travelling in Europe no longer have to pay massive mobile phone data roaming charges or extra for making calls and sending texts.

Previously you could go abroad and innocently leave mobile data active on your mobile phone only to be hit with a huge bill from the mobile phone operator because the device continued to download updates or content but at premium overseas rates. 

Eventhough the EU have banned the roaming charges, care still needs to be taken because some sneaky mobile operators can still add extra fees for data usage so it's always worth checking your tariff or mobile phone contract to be absolutely sure.

What about BREXIT?  When the UK does finally leave the EU, free roaming regulations won’t automatically apply to UK law which means the British government will have to pass a law to meet the same criteria and avoid national uproar.  Let’s watch that one with interest shall we?

This is a good thing for UK citizens travelling in Europe even if most of the big operators had already put a cap on roaming charges.   It’s only fair since being slapped with a massive phone bill because of data roaming is no joke whatever country you’re in.

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