Useful Apps….and they’re free, free, free!

There are loads of free apps available for mobile phones and tablets on the Android and iOS (Apple) platforms. 

Some are great and we wonder how we got by without them in the past and some are so lame we wonder why we bothered installing them in the first place.  I tend to make sure I’ve at least read the reviews before installing which is a rule to live by these days.

Below is a shortlist of some highly rated apps according to Web User magazine.  There are plenty more so I will no doubt be posting more on this topic in future.


Platform: Android

What does it do?  Wi-Fi speed and performance checker 

This useful app tests your internet connection over Wi-Fi to get the best out of resource intensive apps such as Facebook, Netflix or WhatsApp.  Useful for checking which apps perform best on mobile devices around different parts of the home.


Platform: Android

What does it do?  It's a web browser app

For mobile devices such as phones or tablets, Google have updated their Chrome app for Android to allow download of web pages quicker and easier.  Useful for downloading WebPages offline to read later.

NATS Airspace Explorer

Platform: iOS (iPad only)

What does it do?  For geeky stats on aeroplanes.

If you’re interested in Air Traffic Control then knock yourself out with this app from National Air Traffic Services. It allows you to view stats and information on planes in flight in real time.   Uses radar information to track aircraft (not military) in UK airspace. 2D and 3D modes give a pictorial view of the planes as they move through the air.  As it happens, I used to be a plane spotter – fact.


Platform: Android, iOS

What does it do?  TV & movie streaming

A free movie and TV show streaming service.  Not in the same league as the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime and not somewhere to go for the latest blockbusters or new TV shows but still a good range of content.  If you like streaming older movies or TV shows then it’s worth a look.


Platform: Android

What does it do?  Manages finance, income and expenses

This app used to be called Easy Money and was updated in its version 2.0.  Handy for managing personal income, spending, bills, savings etc.  The initial set up means entering your income and expense information manually in preset categories or create your own.  It then arranges the information into nice graphs and tables with an overview to track things such as overspending.  It doesn’t link to your actual bank account (which is probably a good thing for security purposes) so it’s a case maintaining the records manually to show an accurate view of your finances. 


Platform: iOS 8

What does it do?  Photo library manager

Designed specifically for iPhone or iPad this app manages and automatically backups up your photo library securely online.  Displaying only a thumbnail version of the photo on the device then allows you to download a high resolution version whenever you need to.

Also comes with its own camera app which automatically transfers the photos to your chosen online storage service such as iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

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