English Tuition with Sumantha

Sumantha, founder of The Upgrade Project, is a qualified teacher and specialist English tutor.

If Sumantha is fully-booked or cannot match your availability, you may join her waiting list OR ask us to find you a suitable alternative tutor.

Sumantha McMahon BSc(hons), PGCSE, QTS

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Handpicked Tutors To Fit Your Needs

All of our tutors hold an enhanced DBS certificate and are specialists.

Experienced Tutors

As well as being subject-specialists, our tutors support specific learning needs e.g. dyslexia, motivation etc.

Subjects & Pricing

Our tutors set their own rates. We endeavour to work within your budget.

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Level e.g. Entrance Exams, GCSE etc.

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Benefits Of Tutoring With Us

Set your own rates, set your availability, guaranteed monthly payment.

You can continue to work for yourself and use us to fill your diary.

We are currently only looking for online tutors.

In the future, we may open this up to face-to-face tutoring.

You must:

  • Have your own account to conduct online lessons e.g. Zoom
  • Have the suitable equipment e.g. computer, webcam, speakers etc.
  • Provide a safe and suitable quiet space for teaching

We are looking for experienced tutors and/or qualified teachers who want to acquire more private students.

Our application process is designed for us to find out as much as possible about you so that we can make great matches with students.

We want you to join our team.  So, when we interview you and observe a sample lesson, it is so that we can give parents accurate information about you.


The process:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. If you look like the kind of tutor we need, you will be invited to an online video interview.
  3. After a successful interview, we will ask you to deliver an observed sample lesson (approx. 20 minutes).
  4. Once you are ready to be registered, we will collect the relevant paperwork and get started with matching you to students.

Note:  All tutors need an Enhanced DBS check.  If you do not have this, we can help you apply.

No more chasing for payments

We guarantee monthly payment for completed lessons, regardless of whether a client has paid or not.


Complete flexibility and freedom

You are free to work as an independent tutor or with other agencies.  Use us as a diary filler if you wish!

Also, you set your own rates.


Ethical and honest commission structure

We charge a fixed hourly commission.

This means that we earn the same regardless of how much you charge (you set your own rates).

You can be assured that we prioritise finding the best matches between tutors and students – we have no reason to prioritise tutors who charge higher rates.


A supportive environment

By joining us, you have access to a supportive online forum.  You can discuss all kinds of things related to tutoring, not just about working with us.

You decide how much you would like to charge for your tuition services.

To ensure that our tutors are paid fairly, we recommend minimum fees which are displayed on the system when you set yourself up.

We charge a fixed hourly commission of £12 for one-to-one lessons.

This is so that we can match students based solely on requirements.  We won’t prioritise tutors who charge higher fees – we earn the same regardless of how much you charge.


What does our commission cover?

  • Guaranteed monthly payment regardless of whether we have been paid or not
  • Our marketing efforts and liaising with clients to match you with suitable students
  • Quick and easy invoicing
  • Matching students with your availability
  • Support with setting up and running group lessons, if you choose to do so
  • A private online forum to discuss concerns and ask questions
  • Continual support with any issues or concerns


If you wish to set up group classes through us, we will support you all the way.

Please note, the commission we charge will be fixed but may be a different amount to one-to-one lessons.  We will discuss this with you beforehand.

Access to our online platform

We will give you access to our online platform, so you don’t have to pay for it or set it up.

Amongst other things, you can:

  • Set your own prices, including discounts and payment in installations
  • Enrol private students (we can enrol students who come through us)
  • Set up the course structure
  • Upload lesson materials including workbooks and videos
  • Allow students to submit homework and assignments
  • Set up self-marking quizzes

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