Sumantha McMahon

English Tutor, Founder of The Upgrade Project


Having taught in both state and grammar schools, I left school teaching in 2017. As a passionate teacher, side-stepping into tutoring was a natural decision.

The Upgrade Project was formed because, although results are important, I always felt that in schools, there was not enough focus on progress and confidence-building.

I want students to upgrade their confidence, as well as, their results.

Other Subjects Offered

I’ll be welcoming new students from Feb/Mar 2021 onwards. 

In the meantime, I’m onboarding experienced tutors and qualified teachers to join my team.

I want to give families the best possible tutoring experience which means:

  1. Selecting subject-specialists
  2. Finding specialists for various needs e.g. motivation
  3. Selecting experienced SEN professionals

Meet The Team

Here are the talented people who are helping me provide you with an excellent experience.

Sean McMahon

Sean McMahon

CRM & Customer Engagement

Sean has over 20 years experience as a CRP and Customer Experience Specialist.  He has worked with a range of businesses, from Victim Support to Barclays Capital, and many in between.

He ensures that the systems we use are efficient and easy for customers without compromising on the functions they need to perform.


Sunil Dutta

Sunil Dutta

Customer Service Manager

Sunil has worked in customer service for over a decade.  Over the years he has expertly managed the customer experience for Goals Soccer Club and Heathrow Airport.  

His significance customer-facing experience enables him to make sure that we offer a smooth service at all times.


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