Another few days and we’ll be done for 2016. We’re moving the farm this winter and it’s high time I started digging up plants. It’s sad. And it’s exciting. I’m not good at goodbyes. Our new farm has a lot of really wonderful opportunities. And a polytunnel. I can’t tell you the difference that will make to us and to my morale in general!

Moving also gives me a chance after 3 growing years to get tough and get rid of some plants that just don’t work for us. Colour trends change and my personal tastes have shifted a lot,  some things are not going to be coming with us. I might just have a farm sale and send them off to more appreciative homes.

We’re still quite a way off having a serious frost here. The rivers keep us well insulated. We have one more 2016 wedding so if the cold can JUST hold off until after the 22nd that would be great!

October is busy enough without factoring in a move. It’s really the START of the year for us. Spring flowering bulbs need to be planted and annuals for next year are waiting to get planted for an early crop. The sweetpeas are off and will be planted out in March. And then there’s Christmas. We’re going to be very busy with markets and teaching wreath classes.

But I think I like this month the best of all. The apples and cobwebs. Cold mornings. Seeing the steam on my tea. I’m really annoyed that I’m having a real hiccup loading photos – computer says no. So here’s a favourite of mine from last year. Chrysanthemums are my new crush (don’t tell the dahlias!)




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