Oct 23 2012

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246: Neil Bradley is building up for an April 2013 LEJOG

It’s early days for Neil Bradley’s LEJOG blog but the blog is up and running as he builds up to his LEJOG in April 2013.

As Neil says:

“So a new challenge for 2013 is finally set in stone. On the 30th April i will set off cycling from Lands End.The Journey will take 12 days so i will be cycling approx 80 ish miles a day.

I have been a recreational cyclist for many years now and have completed quite a few long distance rides & sportives including London to Paris, Bristol to London, Bath 100 & Cheddar 100 and now it feels right to find a new challenge. I always declared i would do this ride before my 40th Birthday but i managed to move the goalposts and  say i will do it whilst am 40 years old instead

I intend to update this Blog and record my training and progress as the ride gets closer and also to put the entire journey into words!!!.

So this will probably end up with me moaning about the weather and quivering with fear from my lack of training !!

Hopefully someone may even read it and be inspired to take the same journey the same way I was when I was researching this trip for the last 3-4 years.”


Well that’s one reader so far Neil!




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