Aug 19 2014

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257: Marco Maddalena’s LEJOG 2009

That’s it…sniff, sniff

Lands End to John O'Groats. Tips advice and more at http://pewseys.co.ukCan you believe it – a glorious sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky, wind from the south. Why couldn’t the last 2 weeks have been like this? Couple of the largest poached eggs ever on toast and we were off. With plenty of time before my ferry (1:45) the last 39 miles were a real pleasure, apart from the roadkill that we were complicit in – not a story for the kids. Almost not wanting trip to end. Almost. The last mile or two had us changing direction and showing us what it could have been like – tough going into a headwind. And then we were there, a short freewheel through the car park and photos by the signpost in the sunshine. A sense of achievement, certainly, and what else? Relief, joy, gratitude – a whole mixture really. Coffee and cake, and then the short 4 miles to Gills Bay where I’d get the ferry to Orkney and John would leave for Thurso. Both thought briefly about cycling to final our destinations, but common sense prevailed and we consulted the bus timetables. Chained our bikes up in the ferry office (I’d pick them up on my way back tomorrow) and said our manly goodbyes. Last saw John trudging back up the hill to the bus stop with his 2 panniers and bar bag, as I sailed off into the (not quite) sunset. What a trip, must have got some sand in my eyes…..

Marco’s blog of his 2009 journey is available at the following link:


The blog gives and account of journey and route information including maps.

Marco has also produced a nice timetable that details his accommodation

LAnds End to John OGroats. Advice tips and more at http://www.pewseys.co.uk

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