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This page has the route GPS waypoint files from our route and also list other End2enders route maps and resources


Telford A442 Please avoid after LEJOG fatality in 2010.

Telford A442 avoidance route

Telford A442 Please avoid after LEJOG fatality in 2010.

In the summer 2010 there was a fatality when a cyclist participating in a LEJOG sponsored ride was hit by a car whilst travelling on the A442 dual carriageway around Telford. The dual carriageway can be avoided by following the route of what was the A442 of forty years ago. No local cyclists would entertain the prospect of cycling on A442 dual carriageway, it’s cyclist that don’t know any different who need to be informed of the dangers. The alternate route is shown to the left with a full map and instructions HERE.

Thanks to Geoff Shinner, Sustrans Liaison Ranger at Telford and Wrekin  for getting in touch with the route and instructions.

From a safety point of view I would personally avoid all dual carriageways where possible. There are so many much quieter and more pleasant roads to cycle on in the UK and a national network of Sutrans Cycle routes to explore.  On all roads though accidents can and do happen so please take care regardless of the route you use.


I’ve included some links on the mapping and GPS options we used as well as what is available today and what I now use. This is included on the Equipment page

For links to other LEJOG / JOGLE  Routes online click HERE

For a list of all my cycle routes on Bikemap click HERE

If the routes do disappear, let me know but in the meantime you can always can always download the gpx files (below) and load onto your own mapping site. They do seem to take a while to load on slower broadband connections or when the bikemap site is busy. The site can be unavailable sometimes as well so try this link just to double check. If it is try again later.


It takes a while to load but for the complete route, end to end click here  OR….

I have plotted the route on to You can  view each day’s route & height profiles on an interactive map by clicking on the following links.

Day  From – To Day  From – To Day  From – To
1  Lands End – Fowey YH 6  Bridges YH – Chester YH 11 Lochranza YH – Ferryport – Claonaig to Glencoe YH
2  Fowey YH – Exeter 7  Chester YH – Sladiburn YH 12  Glencoe YH – Loch Ness YH
3  Exeter – Yatton  8  Sladiburn YH – Carlisle YH 13  Loch Ness YH – Carbisdale YH
4  Yatton – Kilpeck 9  Carlisle YH – Kendoon YH 14  Carbisdale YH – Tongue YH
5  Kilpeck – Bridges YH 10 Kendoon YH – Ayr(ferry) Strathwhillan – Lochranza YH 15  Tongue YH – John O’Groats


You can download a copy of our LEJOG route in a format that can be loaded onto a mapping program such as memory map, or a GPS. Just click on the appropriate link below that matches the file format you require and hopefully you will be prompted to download the appropriate route files.  Any problems, send me an email.

Instructions for downloading

To download right click on the link for the appropriate file format you require. Then choose “Save Target As”. If you have any problems, send me an email and i’ll forward it to you. Although these files have been checked clear for viruses, I would recommend that you check them all the same just in case they’ve been tampered with without me knowing!

The files have all been zipped.

LEJOG Route mmo 444Kb This is the default file format for the Memory Map mapping application. See Links
LEJOG GPX Route Files 120Kb(zipped) A GPS Interchange format (see note below)
LEJOG Route Data 532Kb A generic file type if you don’t have mmo or gpx compatible GPS/application


NOTE: I have had reports of day 2 and day 3 not working on some GPS units, therefore John Speedie has kindly made available his files (completed LEJOG June 2010)  for those days as an alternative to mine above. Download them by right clicking on following links: John D2 Fowey-Exeter gpx     John D3 Exeter-Clevdn gpx   Thanks John

Adam Evans has provided fixed files for Day 2 and Day 3 and I have updated the zip file above. So hopefully no more problems.

More JOGLE / LEJOG Routes online



Trip ID Link Description

Dave Barter’s route for his 2nd End-to-End. Good route that avoids the horrible A road through the Great Glen and instead takes in Arran and the Isle of Skye.


Not the Hairy Bikers 16 day JOGLE Garmin data files


201 Greg Venn gpx files (right click to download)Follow on twitter

Greg Venn (trip blog #201) has kindly given me copies of his route in GPX files. His route is an interesting route via the 4 cardinal points  Lizard Point (S), Lowestoft (E), Point of Ardnamurchan (W) and Dunnet head (N) over 1353 Miles as follows:

day1.gpx: Lands End – Lizard Point (most Southerly point) 36.6 Miles

day2.gpx: Lizard Point – Sourton (nr Okehampton) 92.9 Miles

day3.gpx: Sourton- Bruton (nr Shepton Mallet) 92.3 Miles

day4a.gpx: Bruton – Hungerford – 54.4 Miles

day4b.gpx Hungerford – Princes Risborough (nr Wendover) – 44.8 Miles

day5.gpx: P. Risborough – Lawshall (nr Bury St Edmonds) – 95.8 Miles

day6.gpx Lawshall – Wymondham – 106 Miles

day7.gpx Wymondham – Kings Lynn via Lowestoft – 41,8 Miles

day8.gpx: Kings Lynn – Sandtoft (nr Scunthorpe) – 97.5 Miles

day9.gpx Sandtoft – Hawes – 97.2 Miles

day10.gpx:Hawes – Moffat – 102 Miles

day11.gpx: Moffat – Greenock – 96.6 Miles

day12.gpx: Greenock – Oban – 76.5 Miles

day13.gpx: Oban – F William via Point of Ardnamurchan – 92.2 Miles

day14.gpx: F William – F Augustus – 33 Miles

day15.gpx: F Augustus – Brora – 98.3 Miles

day16.gpx: Brora – John O’Groats via Dunnet Head – 86.5 Miles

224 Thanks to Louise Barrett who has shared a campsite route. Feedback on the campsites, most of which were excellent, none rubbish, on her LEJOG blog. Click on the 224 Trip ID, left hand column

My own End to End via Arran with our own route through Devon and Cornwall to avoid some of those steep hills and Dartmoor. 1042 Miles with 42,290ft of climbing


Nick and Al’s JOGLE route which they are scheduled to start on May 29th 2010. Route takes in Gloiucester and Kirkstone pass.  939 Miles with 36,482ft of climbing

Mervyn Jones completed the JOGLE in 8 days in April 2010,  and this is his route.It was more about completing the fastest way rather than the most scenic, but may be of use to others. 880 Miles with 28,674ft of climbing

A 961 Mile route via Arran with a total of 38,451ft of climbing. Courtesy of Pete Bradbury’s End to End. Probably one of the most popular routes. 965 Miles with 38,386ft of climbing
190 Eric has a GPX file available for download on his site of his route which incorporated The Lizard and Eden Project
 208 Chris’s route is 1453.23km and with 9850m of ascent



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