The Official EndtoEnd Carrot!

The “Official LEJOG Carrot” Photo Gallery.

The Copper Boot of Destiny, the “Yellow Thong”, and of course the “Official End2End Carrot” all accompanied us on our LEJOG ride. Unfortunately the carrot made a jump for it off Tom’s handlebars in a bid for freedom whilst doing 40MPH down a hill into Oban. (RIP).

The Copper Boot of Destiny has retired since to the lounge bar of The White Hart in Woodbury after its sucessful LEJOG trip,  whilst the Yellow Thong is still cycling regularly and this year completed the 600KM Paris – Brest – Paris Audax with Mark. So in tribute to the the carrot and the boot, I have put together an epitaph of photo’s below, it’s what they would have wanted.

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